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 Important: If you want to stop wasting time researching and start impacting people with your message, watch this.

What If...

? You had a step-by-step tutorial for all the "techie" stuff that holds you back? I am talking no more confusion or overwhelm.

? You could start making money talking about your passion? (Without thousands of downloads or a pricey ad agency.) 

? You could see my exact process that I have used to launch and produce multiple chart-topping and #1 Podcast?

? You could learn what it takes to make your ideal audience hit play over and over again and turn them into loyal subscribers?

? You could finally make the impact you want to have on the world.

Cassidyy has been an absolute DREAM to partner with. She is super knowledgeable about the podcasting space and is ridiculously easy to work with. I can't recommend her high enough. If you're looking to launch a podcast, she is your girl!

- Jenny T. USA



After years in the podcast space, I have taken what I have learned and what has made my clients and I successful, and put in into one training. Learn everything from what I do to create amazing audio, how to stand out from the crowd,  the mindsets you need to succeed, monetizing, and so much more.

Start building your brand and influence with the power of your voice, not the latest marketing tactics.



Kick limiting beliefs and mindsets out the window and learn what elements can make or break your podcast. 
  • Mindset Shifts For Success
  • The Words That Make Up Your Podcast
  • ​Podcast Assets
  • ​Getting the Right Equipment for Your Show Style


Learn where to record, how to sound your best, what to say, and how to leverage the right "call to action."
  • Where To Record And What To Say On Your 1st Episode 
  • Sound Check Tips and Best Practices
  • ​Interview Tips and Best Practices
  • ​How Long Should My Episodes Be?
  • ​Understanding What CTA To Use And When


Believe it or not, there is a GAME CHANGING hack to getting amazing audio. Learn what it is and how to get your message live in the podcast world. 
  • Audio and Episode Production Overview (Learn Cassidyy's best kept secret) 
  • Get Your Message To The World
  • ​Submit Your Show To The Podcast Apps


Hit the ground running with a launch plan, how to make money, the easiest path the make your content work for you and more
  • 30-Day Launch Plan
  • ​Year Of Podcast Ideas
  • 4 Ways To Monetize Your Show
  • ​Repurposing and Promotional Tips To Grow and Win




Learn how one of the top podcasters in the world Remains Consistent and Keeps Growing!

Join Cassidyy and Mitch Matthews for a life changing bonus training. 

Hear Mitch's best tips to get on more podcast as a guest, how he uses his podcast for business, and how he keeps himself motivated after 300 episodes. (Plus more) 

Mitch's podcast, DREAM THINK DO has been rated #1 by the Huffington Post and it’s in the top 5% on Apple Podcasts. Mitch’s favorite “win” is getting to connect with people around the world who have the DREAM THINK DO approach to life!


Upgrade your guest list with two winning email templates that could help you score the interviews with people you think may be "out of your reach"


Ensure that every solo-cast, and interview goes off without a hitch! I have created the ultimate check-list you need for every episode. 

Follow this process and get the peace of mind you need and the exposer your podcast deserves.


Podcasting is better together. Join a private Facebook Community with other DIY Podcasting students, with direct access to Cassidyy Atkins and the Creative Podcast Company Team.



From start up, to 6-Figure Company

Hey! My name is Cassidyy Atkins. 

During my 9+ years of professional media experience, I have done radio, television, online journalism, church production, and more. I left the corporate world to pursue my passion of helping influencers and entrepreneurs amplify their message and brand. 

That is why I started the Creative Podcast Company LLC in 2018. 

Fast forward to today, our little start up isn't so little anymore. We have helped hundreds of people start their podcast, we have launched and produced multiple chart-topping and #1 podcast. (Including my own.)  We have internationally trained podcasters in over 10 countries around the world, we have specialised in content creation for eight, and even nine figure brands...and something tells me, we are just getting started. 

  • ​​Podcast Expert 
  • ​Podcast Producer of Multiple Chart-Topping Podcast
  • ​​International Podcast Trainer
  • ​Content Strategist for Multi-Million Dollar Brands

Right Now You Have Two Choices

Option #1

You can wake up the rest of your life knowing that you have a message, a voice, a burning passion inside of you...but live with the regret of never acting on it.

Option #2

Or, you can wake up the rest of your life knowing that you have a message, a voice, a burning passion inside of you...and you took a chance on YOU. You started something that seemed like unknown territory and you started impacting people's lives all over the world. 

What will you choose?

Cassidyy is a true professional who has excelled with proficiency and excellence in every service she has provided for my podcast and graphic design needs. While her extreme creativity sets her apart, you can still expect professional follow through which is a rare and valuable combo. You can’t find a better producer and artistic director for your podcast, I highly recommend her!”

-Dubb A.  TX

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Be Alone In This?

No! Leave a comment or reach out to us with any questions you have along the way. PLUS: Access to the private Facebook community group with other students on the same journey. 

Do I Have What It Takes?

Yes! I will prove to you within the first chapter of this training that podcasting is right for you, and why there is still time to become a "household name".

How Long Do I Have Access To This Training?

You get lifetime access to your training and community group. (As long as our web servers don't go out of business. lol)

What is your return policy?

No refunds.

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